Trump: ’Nepnieuws now gone completely mad!’

e1aefc3ef213965c5a069b8215c5f80c - Trump: ’Nepnieuws now gone completely mad!’

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Trump has of himself to be bitten off after a wave of criticism on his performances during a NATO summit and the first summit with his Russian counterpart Putin. That the media there are only negative messages about spreading, displays according to Trump, that “Fake News gone completely mad.”

Trump argued Tuesday via Twitter that the NATO countries only by his actions and many billions of dollars more for their defence off than they had envisioned. That is, according to Trump total is not highlighted in the partisan media, which he describes as ’the Fake News’. Only that he is ontactisch or rude would behave. But NATO was weak and is now strong again, tweeted Trump.

Also that he could get on well with Putin, according to Trump falsely in a bad light. “A positive dialogue with Putin is not only good for the U.S. and good for Russia, but also for the whole world.”

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