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Trains and more

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Two trains and a lot more bikes on your television tonight. And a set of 19th-century magicians.


One 21.30-22.30

The topic of this summer is of course that of Karl Vannieuwkerke. After all WK long, and each day Villa Very full lulde, he moved to France during the remaining two weeks of the Tour de France every day to do the same with Vive le vélo.


Q2 20.50-23.05 hours

Not very well done, this film debut of the yet very witty Amy Schumer, but compared to her latest film, I feel pretty, this Trainwreck of a gem. And Bill Hader does, that, in the meantime you can know of the successful HBO series Barry.


Six 20.35-22.45 hours

Best plums, old-fashioned movie about the blood feud between two 19th-century magicians. This must also just about the only film for which Christian Bale not only to be found 30 kilograms, to come or fall off.


Caz 20.40-22.30 hrs

John and Charlie are step brothers: the one white, the other black. They work as agents to citizens in the metro police, but very motivated, they are not. What them endlessly fascinates, is the armored ‘geldtrein’ that the daily recettes of the metro stations are going to pick up. They dream already a long time of cash in transit to come in. However, there are two obstacles: their job as an agent and the fact that their boss Donald Patterson his job very much to heart, and the trains and the money almost as his personal possessions. But the emergence of a new attractive female colleague, everything speeded up.

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