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Stability in the Euro the Stable Coin EURS

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The financial-Token-platform-Stasis recently announced the introduction of the EURS, a new Stable Coin, based on the EIP-20 Standard of the Ethereum network and 1:1 is covered by Euro.


Already there is News of the Blockchain island. After the success of other stable coins such as Tether and TUSD of this step was to be expected. With the controversy and the distrust of Tether was it is no wonder that new Alternatives.

According to the blog post, the EURS can be traded for the Token currently only available on the DSX stock exchange with headquarters in London. According to official estimates, the volume of trade until the end of the year could reach about 500 million US dollars.

On the CEO of Stasis, Gregory Klumvo, commented on the introduction of the EURS as follows:

“While currently, retail investors dominate the crypto currency trading, STASIS and EURS pave the institutional investors. So more people are able to contribute their capital to exceed the trillion mark in the industry.“

The Team of Stasis also announces that it is already working hard to license for use in Malta. Last week, the Maltese government adopted three laws, the currencies of the use of the software and the implementation of Blockchain technology in a legal manner.

EURS is true Stasis euphoric

Silvio Schembri, one of the politicians with the greatest commitment to the adaptation of Cryptocurrencies in the country, said that Malta doors and gates for each of the Blockchain keeps the project open to let in Malta.

In the case of Stasis, he was very enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of this partnership:

“The Maltese government has worked gradually, carefully […] to provide a currently non-regulated industry with legal certainty. We therefore welcome all the Blockchain initiatives, such as STASIS, which are both innovative and adherence to continue to respect and promote. We are also pleased that the company has applied for a license in accordance with the DLT-regulation. The government of Malta would like to create an environment for the development of the Blockchain Ecosystem conducive, makes Malta a natural target for companies that are active in this area.“

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