Sale of the Weinstein Company around

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The sale of The Weinstein Company, the film studio of the due to sexual abuse in time to come, Harvey Weinstein, is completely around. Reported that American media Monday. The acquisition by the investment firm Lantern Capital was at the beginning of may, already announced.

Lantern Capital has 289 million dollars (247 million euros) down for The Weinstein Company. With the deal, the investment company, including a 277 movies story library in his possession, just as a production company for tv and a series of not (yet) released movies. There are four ready for distribution.
The Weinstein Company asked at the end of march to file for bankruptcy, after an earlier overnamepoging by a group of investors, including Lantern Capital, was unhappy. The company was in 2015 founded by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob after they have their studio Miramax had sold to Disney. The greatest successes of the studio were ‘Django unchained’, ‘The King’s speech’ and ‘Silver linings playbook’. The company also produced television programmes like’Project runway’ and ‘Marco Polo’.
The 66-year-old Harvey Weinstein by dozens of women accused of sexual abuse, ranging from harassment to rape.

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