Record number of Europeans emigrated from the United Kingdom

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A record number of Europeans has in the past year the United Kingdom abandoned. At the same time immigrated there are fewer EU-citizens to the country. Reports that the British Office for National Statistics today.

In 2017 left 139.000 Europeans the United Kingdom, a record. That are 5,000 more than in 2008. Since June 2016, the month of the Brexit referendum, moved there also fewer EU migrants to the Uk. Last year there were 240.000.

According to the figures came from Europe less ‘job seekers’. The number of EU migrants that for ‘a hard job’ were, in contrast, remained stable. ‘The figures show that more people now to the UK, do so for the right reasons – to have a permanent job to exercise or to study, ” said the British minister of Migration Caroline Noakes of the BBC.

The number of migrants from outside the EU came to the United Kingdom, is increased. Madeleine Sumption, an expert in migration at the university of Oxford, told the BBC that the United Kingdom is still, for many, an attractive country, but in recent years, attracting the country with significantly fewer EU migrants’.

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