Of Erp verfilmt novel I. M. by Connie Palmen

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Director Michiel van Erp is the novel I. M. of author Connie Palmen film. Producers of The Family Film & TV and AVROTROS are currently working on the development of a four-part drama series based on the book.

Michiel van Erp

In I. M. author Connie Palmen in love with the brilliant but tormented journalist, interviewer, television presenter and writer Ischa Meijer. It leads to a romantic, violent, and public love affair. If Meijer sudden death, decision Palms to write a book about their relationship.

The series takes place in the Netherlands and America in the period between 1991 and 1995. Actors are not yet known. Michiel van Erp was previously the very successful series Ramses. It is a conscious choice to go back to a story to film, based on existing public figures.


“For me, the series about identity,” says the director. “How are you formed? Who and what has made you who you are. And is that who you want to be?” Meijer had a lot of secrets. “With a lot of bravado he presented himself to the world, mound he found a way in the canals and etaleerde his ‘genius’. The lack of family compensated by a close group of friends with whom he loves homemade soup at. But underneath layers of open wounds.”

Connie Palms in a brief explanation of great confidence to have in Erp. “I. M. is in good hands, since I rely on it,” she says. The scenario Hugo Heinen, who previously, the drama Plea wrote and recorded the critically acclaimed feature films Tonio and Kneel on a bed of violins.

The intention is that the I. M. in 2020 will be transmitted, exactly 25 years after the death of Ischa Meijer.

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