Leonie’s not going to Johns jacket lashing

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Leonie ter Braak wait on her chances now that they switched over to Talpa. She is not going to fight for her spot, as she tells in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

“I can fight, but then you will have all the time to John (The Mole, red.) jacket to go lashing, which you do, of course not,” said Leonie. “You just hope that you simply on beautiful opportunities. That is a matter of bad luck or good luck. Of course, it is a hard world. That you have in each company where ambition is involved, and the places are scarce.”

Leonie is in any case glad that they are not so early need to stand up for good Morning in the Netherlands. “It was the early times that the heavily made”, as she looks back. “Say goodbye to public service broadcasting and the news, I found difficult. But who knows what still lies ahead, the beauty of Talpa is that everything is open.”

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