Hodgepodge makes comeback

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The 90’s-animated series Rugrats makes a comeback. Channel Nickelodeon has 26 episodes of a new series was ordered.

Rugrats, in the Netherlands also released the song under the name of Mix, was about a group of toddlers and their daily routine, which in their imagination bulged of adventures. The parents in the children’s television had usually no idea what the toddlers were there. The original series came out in 1991 and won four Daytime Emmy Awards and six Kids’ Choice Awards.

In addition to the new series, there is also a live action film around Rugrats in the making, which, by 2020, must come up. That will be the fourth movie about Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie, and Angelica. Earlier came The Rugrats Movie (1998), Rugrats in Paris (2000) and Rugrats Go Wild (2003).

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