Filmmaker behaves as a ’neanderthal’ to encounter international stars

da789f23a295dce5014bbdaaa3e34b28 - Filmmaker behaves as a ’neanderthal’ to encounter international stars

Or just a good story on his Facebook page or that filmmaker Max Moszkowicz really by chance Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel met is the question, but as we the son of Robert Moszkowicz may believe he has to stand stallions at a slot machine in the Vondelpark, under the watchful eye of the two international stars.

“Ok, today is a bizarre day,” says Max from the shore. “But also good with two feet on earth, because it is papadag. Forward a short appointment in the morning and I take the small just because it is close to the Vondelpark so then we went to the playground at the Melkhuisje. So said, so done. After my son was so kind to have a bucket of sand on me and what expat mothers to hurl, we decide to the slot machines to go.”

The filmmaker continues: “We try the train – which it kind of does, but clearly it is defective and there is hardly any movement in. Pity the euro… On the other side is a functioning merry-go-round I see. But I see, however, that a lady, a euro wants to go throw in the faulty train. I cry: “Who does not hear!’ No response. They will be a tourist so I call in English: ’That one doesn’t work’. The lady: “Oh thank you!’ And I offer them to her child in the working merry-go-round with my young son wants to convert. ’Yes that would be great!’ I throw a euro in, and what do you think… This loeder does not. I say: ’This one isn ‘t working either and it ate my euro. The toggle button does not.”

But Max had to say that they do a solution for this problem. As he explains: “I say:” Let me manhandle this thing for a second’. And I give a few steeds. The lady says: ’oh my…’ And looks at me rather uncomfortable. She offers to give it a try, throw a euro in, and damn, the thing does it! I say: ’You have the magic touch. We laugh. It strikes me that there is a what apige man around us runs and its in the holes continues to hold. There is still a long pale man running up and we are joined by and talk with her child. The father I think, and that’s true.”

However, those two make him very vaguely familiar. “Now do you get the picture, I know those two. Ladies and gentlemen, today I have on a slot machine are rossen as a neanderthal in the presence of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake…”, said Max.

Justin Timberlake gave last Sunday the first of the three concerts in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam.

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