‘An American president gives his own country, the blame for Russian aggression. Shameful’

c6ca79a342350a92ac222efadbfdbf8d - ‘An American president gives his own country, the blame for Russian aggression. Shameful’

President Trump was given during a joint press conference with Russian president vladimir Putin a question about the possible interference of Russia during the U.s. presidential election in 2016. ‘Putin says he is not done, ” was his reply.

“I repeat that Russia in no way has tried to the U.s. presidential election to influence,” said Trump during the press conference. A journalist asked him afterwards how the findings of the FBI, that twelve Russians to sue for the hacking of computers of the Democrats, part of his answer.

“I have great confidence in my security, but president Putin has strongly denied,” said Trump. “I see no reason why Russia would be responsible.’

Criticism Of Republicans

This statement will Trump a lot of criticism, both of Republicans and of Democrats. John McCain, former Republican presidential candidate, said that ” the meeting in Helsinki a tragic mistake was made’. ‘The damage that the naivety and selfishness of Trump responses is difficult to measure, ” says McCain. “It was a shameful display.’

“The president needs to realize that Russia is our ally not,” said Republican chairman of the U.s. House of Representatives Paul Ryan. ‘There is no doubt that Russia is mixed in our elections and still tries to be a democracy here, and the rest of the world to undermine. The U.S. should Russia be held responsible and put an end to these nasty attacks on democracy.’

“I never thought an American president, his own country, the debt would give to Russian aggression. This is shameful’, tweette Jeff Flake, Republican senator.

Also, when the Democrats heard criticism. ‘An American president who the side of Russia and against the U.s. entities takes effect, is dangerous and weak, ” said senator Chuck Schumer.

‘Research is a disaster’

According to Trump, is the investigation of the interference in the presidential election been a disaster for both countries. “This has had a negative impact on the relationship between the two largest nuclear powers in the world.” Trump is convinced that he is on his own power won. “We conducted a brilliant campaign, and that is why I as president am’, says Trump. Putin wanted that Trump won, because he hoped the relationship with the united states to recover. “I wish that he was going to be president, because he said that the relations with Russia, wanted to normalize,” said Putin.

Donald Trump has to say ‘immense confidence’ in the American intelligence agencies, said he Monday night on Twitter. “As I today and already so many times before have said, I have an immense trust in my inlichtingenmensen’, tweette the American president. ‘But I acknowledge also that, in order for a better future to build, we are not only on the past, may focus. If the two greatest nuclear powers of the world, we need to get along.’

Both presidents spoke with each other during a bilateral summit on Monday in the Finnish capital Helsinki. The Russian president called the talks ‘successful’ and called the two countries to cooperate further in the future.

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