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After weeks of uncertainty: Cointed-CEO Wolfgang Thaler reports to word

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In the last few weeks, there had been some rumors on the situation in Austrian Bitcoin companies Cointed. Even the complete bankruptcy of the Cointed GmbH. Now the CEO Wolfgang Thaler reports in a video message to his customers.

Since the last month, Cointed, in Germany mainly known for the business with the Bitcoin ATM was in a serious crisis. The ATMs have been removed from the Server, the Exchange paused and rumors spread. From the official side, there was initially no opinion is delivered, the Support, and the Secretariat of the company remained vacant and the customers were initially in a state of Uncertainty. Only a Facebook Post from the 18. June let the customer know that there has apparently been a hacker attack on the Cointed GmbH.

CEO Wolfgang Thaler explained

Now Wolfgang Thaler, the CEO of the Cointed GmbH answers, finally, and raises serious allegations against his two partners. This would have him “educate left in the lurch”, which is why he come only now to the clients about the processes in the company. Thaler reports via Video from China, where he negotiates according to their own information with investors, in order to save the future of the Cointed GmbH.

Wolfgang Thaler Cointed

Watch this Video on YouTube.

Thaler is all about, with the rumors of the last few days to clean up and share his view of things. He makes it clear to have nothing to do with the business methods of Optioment. Like BTC-ECHO-reported, were examined in the premises of Cointed in Kufstein in the course of the investigation. Thaler complained that a large amount of data were seized. Also, the ATMs of Cointed had to be won for a whole week, from the Server, which led to a financial failure.

Attack on Cointed cost the company a six-digit amount

Far worse weighed, however, the high six-digit amount that was stolen, according to Thaler, in the Wake of a fraud case. To close the security gap, to the Exchange from the market and all transactions are individually reviewed. Currently, however, is already so far to take legal action against the fraudsters.

Nevertheless, the events have led the company into financial difficulties. Therefore, the Kufsteiner offices, which are home to only a few employees had been closed, for reasons of cost. Also, for the employees of the Vienna office Thaler had advised that the Work in the Home Office – he is afraid of the attacks of angry customers. That currently no one is present, have nothing to do with it, that they wanted to evade the responsibility.

What Thaler has now?

The primary goal should be to keep the company alive. To do this, you have already sold all the ATMs of the manufacturer’s General Bytes, a sale of the Exchange is soon to follow. So you want to do refund back the customers lost money. The ICO will, however, continue to push ahead, announcements to follow soon.

A threat to send Thaler to his Partner Daniil Orlov, the COO of the Cointed GmbH. If this is not arranged as a report on the Situation of the mining produce, have serious consequences. The Mining is in accordance with the sale of ATMs and the announced sale of the Exchange, the last leg of the Cointed GmbH.

Marketing chief Sperl, nevertheless optimistic

The Head of Marketing, Albert Sperl, relieved that now there is clarity. At the request of BTC-ECHO, he said:

“I’m glad to be expressed, finally, someone from the business line publicly to the allegations. I know that the pressure shoulders on Wolfgang (Thaler), must be enormous. I hope he succeeds in what he set out to do. He can build in these difficult times on the full support of me and my Team.“

The Team is not so in spite of all the odds beaten. Cointed will need for the future. The important Information for the customer, however, is that You put your mind to it.

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