15 days in jail for storming field world cup final

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MOSCOW – A court in Moscow has a prison sentence of fifteen days imposed on a member of the punk band Pussy Riot on Sunday during the world cup final onto the field and ran. That has the band via his own Facebook page announced. Veronika Nikulshina will also get a ban on sporting events to visit.

Veronika Nikulshina

It was in the 52nd minute of the finale is that Pussy Riot, the match disrupted. The game was after over a minute to resume. The German news agency dpa had on Sunday reported that the Moscow police and the incident with a fine would do so.

According to the four band members of Pussy Riot, they have the whole night spent at the police station. ,,Without food, without the ability to sleep or to shower,” they wrote on Facebook. The band also says that the lawyer for a long time no permission was given them to visit.

Pussy Riot clash in Russia regularly with the authorities.

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