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Where can I get the cheapest go partying this summer?

Where can I get the cheapest go partying this summer?

Each year with the increase in the prices of the festivals on our own soil a little. That is definitely for the younger crowd is often a line by the account. But for our favorite artists the best (or worst) of themselves, we look increasingly to Eastern Europe, where everything is still cheap. Or not?

Where are they the cheapest?

This year was the price tag for a ticket for Pukkelpop 205€, for Rock Werchter 238€ and for Tomorrowland 240€. The cape of 200€ as entrance is not that long, but you do at many European festivals are introduced. For festivals in the Netherlands (Lowlands, Pinkpop festival), Great Britain (Glastonbury, Boomtown, UK) or Denmark (Roskilde Festival) is now already the case. It’s only further east lies the inkomprijzen what will go down. For the Pohoda Festival in Poland, you pay only 89€ for 3 days, or for Electric Castle in Romania, where, among other things, the Bloody Beetroots, Groove Armada and Damian Marley pass, you pay for 4 days 140€ and for the Colours of Ostrava in the Czech republic, with a distinguished line-up is 122€ for 4 days. Concerning those lower prices: you will here a little less large and well-known names in Kiewit, Werchter or Tree, but let this be just the perfect opportunity for new artists to discover.

Food and beverage beverage beverage

Without food and drink not festival. In own country costs, for example, Pukkelpop, 3€ for 1 eat or drink receipt. No wonder that the festival-goers, especially on the camping their lukewarm beers backwards caps and their lasagna to warm it up. At festivals in Romania or Hungary should make you less worried and you may already be a beer for 1.5€ or even a bottle of champagne for 15€. at Pukkelpop you’ve got 2 heavy boxes of fries and 1 beer. In addition, you can in the local restaurants and bars often for an apple and an egg a lot and good food and drink, not to mention about supermarket prices in Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe on the rise

The festival of choice when it about cheaper alternatives is Balaton Sound at the eponymous lake in Hungary. Long was this electronic festival the best option for party animals on budgetdieet. In 2012 it cost only 110€ for 5 days of festival, but in the meantime, is also increased to 211€. The fact that many Eastern European festivals to their website, among others, in the Dutch offer, shows that they are aware of their success and their prices accordingly. It is therefore not by definition cheaper.


The entrance, the drinks and the food are cheaper, but don’t forget the trip to the festival. In a Pukkelpopticket is a free train ride included and for Tomorrowland, you can at reduced rates to festival travel. If you opt for a 4 days Electronic Castle in Romania (140€), mainly the distance of 1800 km is not forgotten. Fly to the festival and back is the fastest, but will cost you anyway, an extra festival ticket and drive out there will cost you a lot of time and gasoline. For Balaton Sound there were special buses and trains are inserted from Belgium and the Netherlands, with a seat, respectively, 150€ and 180€ cost.

But to stay at home?

The cheap festivals in Eastern Europe, everything is included, so not much cheaper than that in the us, unless you have a city trip or an extra trip would be link of course. For those who are not 200€ want to or can readily spend for a few days of music, are there in Belgium each year plenty of smaller alternatives, where the atmosphere is at least as good, and the beers just as cold.

For a European overview of all the festivals this summer, this card can be a good overview

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