Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki

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HELSINKI – The U.s. president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin come Monday in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, convened for a summit meeting.

The two heads of state will include more detail about Syria talking. The support of Russia to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, which the United States and its western allies are accused of the use of chemical weapons against civilians, is one of the main issues in the strained relationship between Washington and the Kremlin.

Other controversial issues

Also, other controversial issues are likely to be discussed when the two leaders meet. So Trump said that he is the Russian interference in the U.s. elections are going to discuss. It is expected that Putin, his position will repeat that Moscow is nothing to do with it. Friday it became known that the USA twelve Russian intelligence officers to prosecute for interference in the American presidential election of 2016.

Trump had incidentally Sunday in an interview with CBS News know that he is “expected” of the encounter.

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