Transgender prices Scarlett Johansson after refusal role as a transgender woman

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The actress got earlier a lot of criticism for the role, but he also wanted to adopt.

Scarlett Johansson can no longer piece for transgender people after they have the role as the transgender owner of a massage parlour in her new movie Rub & Tug has returned.

The actress would be the Pennsylvania-crime boss Dante Gill, aka Lois Jean Gill, in the film from director Rupert Sanders, are going to play. That was against the sore leg of the American transgendergemeenschap. Who found the role through a transgender played had to be.

Scarlett defended her decision in the first instance, to a transgender man to play by referring to other cisgenderactoren who are doing the same. Last Friday did Scarlett, however, away from the role.

“In the light of the recent ethical questions that have arisen about my casting as Dante Tex Gill, I decided my participation in the project in a respectful way to withdraw,” said a statement on “Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to grow and I have a lot of the community learned since I got my first statement on my casting, and realized that it was improper. I have great admiration and love for the transgemeenschap and am grateful that the conversation about inclusiveness in Hollywood goes to… “

Scarlett is now praised for her decision.

“It says a lot about Scarlett Johansson,” says the actress Rain Valdez to The Hollywood Reporter. “That makes me actually a bit emotional because it is not an easy industry for trans women. It is not an easy industry for transmannen.”

“This is an important moment for Hollywood,” adds the actress Annie Wallace on Twitter. “I applaud the statement from Scarlett Johansson absolutely, it is a brave and important step and should as such be welcomed. It is now up to the filmmakers to re-think, and hopefully they will find a suitable trans-star.”

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