Thomas Markle is worried about daughter Meghan

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The of a heart attack recovering father has his daughter for weeks, not spoken.

Thomas Markle, the father of the Duchess of Sussex, is convinced that his daughter has difficulties with her new royal life.

The former Suits-star married in may with prince Harry and Thomas, who due to health problems not to the wedding could go on, find that his daughter Meghan is struggling to adapt to the lifestyle of the royals.

“I think they’re terrified,” he tells The Sun on Sunday. “I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile. I got her years smile. I know her smile. I think it is not nice as I now see. It’s not even a podiumglimlach.”

Thomas says that he is worried. “It may just be that they have a few bad days, I don’t know, it makes me really worried, I think they are too much under pressure. You seems a high price to pay to be a member of that family to marry.”

The father has also a difference noted in the way in which the 36-year-old Meghan of her clothing choice, and wonders why she would keep to the ‘ridiculous’ dress code of the royal family. “Meghan looks like someone from an old movie,” he says. “Why dress in we us in 2018, as the years ’30. Why do they need their knees covered …?”

Thomas also claims that he has since his honeymoon, not his daughter has spoken, and reveals that he by the royal family is shunned because he has all day for her wedding photos of themselves had made.

“That I have a heart attack I’ve had, nobody apparently something out”, he adds. “I would soon be able to really die. She wants that this is the last thing we against one another have said? It is probably the longest time that I’m gone gone without ever talking to her.”

The only thing that Thomas says to want is that the weather is good with his daughter and tell her how proud he was of her. “If I have a message for her would be that I regret for something that has gone wrong. I would like our differences behind us, I miss you very much.”

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