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Texas regulatory authority includes 5 crypto companies

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The Texas regulatory authority has recently sent in the context of an “emergency” injunctions, in order to draw the same in the case of five crypto-firms the plug. The local companies have failed all of them, the trading in the securities register.

The Texas State Securities Board, with headquarters in Austin to be used for the protection of local investors. In January, the authority made the last time when you sent the operators of the platform BitConnect due to suspicion of fraud for an injunction with signal effect.

Now it has taken under an “emergency action” is equal to five companies at a stroke. They are accused of, to have the citizens of this state to be illegal and fraudulent investments offered. The companies should also have violated the “Texas Securities Act”. None of the operators had registered with the authority for the sale of capital assets. Also, the Investments themselves were neither notified, nor have qualified any of the equipment for a derogation, as it is said in the press release.

The injunctions, among other issues, NUI Social. Other companies in the Social Membership Holding LLC BC Holdings and Investments LLC, Symatri LLC and the Utah Mintage Mining LLC. Symatri and Mintage Mining is accused of illegal and quasi-fraudulent ICO-Tokens offered for sale. Mintage Mining has Token in addition, the Mining of Ethereum-based Kala as a financial investment is sold. NUI Social is described as a network Marketing company with more than 300,000 members. The company has made to its distributors and investors in the crypto mining of Kala Token tasty.

The company should have also stated misleading promise. As was made clear to the investors that any Mining to be covered activities legally. Supposedly you would ensure this in the long term through continuous collaboration with several law firms. But it’s over now.

Trump’s Task Force to prevent further rip-off

The closure of the crypto-firms comes at a time, to prepare the United States for a more effective fight against fraudulent companies. According to the President, Trump has been on 11. June a presidential decree is enacted, according to which a separate working group for consumer protection and for more legal workers are founded in integrity of the financial market. First and foremost, the adoption of the Federal is a planned policy in an investigation against persons to their customers fraudulent crypto-offering products for sale. The Task Force will include members from the Ministry of justice, the securities and exchange Commission SEC and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (cfpb).

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