Sequel of horrorkomedie ‘Zombieland’ in the making

cf46e691fb3bea6274fb1b75fa7a9b5c - Sequel of horrorkomedie 'Zombieland' in the making

‘Zombieland’, the comic zombie film/road movie 2009, will be continued, reports cultural magazine Rolling Stone. ‘Zombieland’ grew, at the time, unexpectedly, to be a modest box office hit, and even became the second most successful zombie film ever.

The long-awaited sequel is in the making, and the result would be around the tenth anniversary of the original cult classic in the halls. The largest part of the original cast would be his comeback in the sequel: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson. Director Ruben Fleischer is back again for ‘Zombieland 2’.

The script is also of the same pins from which the first film neerschreven: Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who is incidentally also the scripts for the ‘Deadpool’-series afleverden.

‘Zombieland’ was very high peaks in 2009, with a global box office of more than $ 100 million, and that with a budget of less than 24 million dollars. After the theatrical release, the film a cult status. Although all parties, a sequel had in mind were the film plans are always postponed.

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