Novel Character of Ferdinand Bordewijk is musical

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The iconic novel Character of Ferdinand Bordewijk is a musical. Producer The Theatre BV is presenting in the theatre season 2020-2021 the first women of the, seen by many, literary masterpiece.

Ferdinand Bordewijk

The book talks about Dreverhaven, Rotterdam’s most feared bailiff, and his illegitimate son, Katadreuffe, who he fathered with Joba, the maid. Driven by blind ambition and an iron discipline tries the young Katadreuffe is from his simple environment to work up a lawyer. But again and again he is contradicted by the man who is his own father turns out to be.

It is not yet known which actors in the show. Character: The Musical is written by Allard Blom (Hot flashes) and composed by Ad van Dijk (Cyrano, Joe). The direction is in the hands of Eddy Habbema.

Before, it was Character all edited to a tv series, drama and film. That last, made by director Mike van Diem, was in 1998 awarded an Oscar for best foreign film. Character: The Musical in the spring of 2021 in the premiere.

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