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No win, no visit and difficult prospect for Jasper Stuyven: “Done with fun”

fe04d48658c1ae019a3d24c1b6b4c9a7 - No win, no visit and difficult prospect for Jasper Stuyven: “Done with fun”

Jasper Stuyven showed in the round trip reserved from Sunday to Roubaix, but his attack was not on success. “Though I am glad that the victory in the team remained with John Degenkolb” a voice said on the rest day.

“I had that stage of Sunday with a dot marked”, commented he come back. “I knew it was on one of those two cobblestone sections still to be done, so I took my chance. I had really no sense in a sprint by Gaviria and Sagan, it was kasseirit is a measure of nothing. I just wanted to quotes, especially with the legs that I had. I drove to the front runners, but got no-one else in support. That’s too bad. A bit later, drive John, Greg and Yves away, and it was up to me to ploegenspel to play.”

“I’m a bit disappointed about my own results, but of course I am happy that the victory in the team continues. I also know what that victory for John means, so that I can live with that. We have with the team is at a very strong rate driven and were rewarded with the victory. That we must remember.”

No visit on rest day

On the rest day slept Stuyven long, up to 10 hours when a team mate to him, had to produce or he missed the ‘koffierit’ with the team. “This was followed by a lunch, a press conference, I still need to rest in bed and a massage. More loved this day of rest is not for me. No, I did not visit. I don’t think that’s necessary in the Tour, it offers no real advantages, because you can each other but a very short see and that is for my family not really grateful. It is not a necessity.”

“Done laughing”

The platoon pulls out of the Alps Tuesday. “It is done with laughter”, he finished, “now we must climb. For me personally, there are not many more opportunities. Maybe in stage 13 or 18, but hopes to perhaps 70 percent of the peloton. And than is the case in order to survive in the mountains: Bauke (Mollema) to assist where I can, put him in a good position on the first climb. But much more will I not be able to do for him then, because I am not a climber. Where I can, I will do my bit to help.”

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