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New UN body should investigate technologies such as Blockchain

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The UN chief, António Guterres, has put together a high-profile group of technology experts to be able to in the future of digital technologies like the Blockchain to benefit. In addition, the UN should ensure the panel that adverse effects of the use of new digital technologies can be detected and avoided.


As the UN on 12. July announced on its Website, UN News, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to ensure that new digital technologies such as the Blockchain can be used more effectively. For this purpose, he introduces a digital panel of experts, the advantages and disadvantages to explore.

“Unique platform for dialogue in our digital age”

The American philanthropist Melinda Gates and the China-based Alibaba founder Jack Ma will lead the panel for digital collaboration together. The expert group will include a total of 20 members. It is a result of approximately a year of consultation with more than 120 member States. The aim of the panel is not only the illustration of Trends in digital technologies. It should also identify gaps and opportunities, and proposals to strengthen international cooperation to develop.

“This is the first body of its kind and will be made up of women and men in the areas of technology, public policy, science and University”,

Guterres told reporters explained at the UN headquarters in New York. He think it is necessary to deal in detail with the new possibilities of emerging digital technologies. You can change the economy and society “at Warp speed”. Both the extent and the speed of change is “unprecedented”. Currently, you could not keep this speed step:

“But the current funding and the level of international cooperation are not up to the challenge. I see the United Nations as a unique platform for dialogue in our digital age.“

Impact on human rights

According to the Executive Director and Co-Chairman, Ambassador Amandeep Gill, wanted to avoid the UN chief a “competitive” approach to digital issues. This affects namely, currently discussions on trade, data and security. As Gill said:

“This competitive spirit, this way of thinking could penetrate this area and the digital technology prevent the achievement of the objectives of the “Agenda 2030″ for sustainable development.”

Digital technologies have more and more influence on our daily lives. In addition to numerous advantages, but they are also a lot of negative influences like Cyber-attacks, and election manipulations responsible. Therefore, Ambassador Gill highlighted the “urgent” need to see the potential positive and negative impacts on the social and economic rights and the human rights address:

“You can’t look at Web 3.0, without looking at the Blockchain technology, or AI (Artificial intelligence). […] So we hope that we are through this discussion of these various digital spaces, the business models, the opportunities and risks, and the unintended consequences in terms of human rights, in terms of privacy, in relation to the Subversion of the democracy, will be able to strengthen with some common principles […] cooperation across borders.“

The panel should meet during his nine-month mandate, two Times. The first Meeting will then be held in September in New York, the second in January next year in Switzerland. There should also be opportunities to civil society in the consultation process. The report, to emerge at the end of the investigations, will serve under the Ambassador as “a reference for future digital discussions”.

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