Most expensive Chinese film ever is a flop

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One hundred million dollars (85 million euros) cost to the Chinese fantasyspektakel Asura to produce. This makes it the most expensive film ever in that country is made. But after the first weekend that the film in the cinemas turned, it is already clear that the project is not going to be successful, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

There was “only” 7.1 million dollars, and the producers, among whom Alibaba boss Jack Ma, suddenly decided the movie Sunday night out of the rotation. The creators shared this decision with a brief message on social media.

A representative of production company Zhenjian Film, the producer, told Chinese news site Sina: “This decision is not only taken because of the poor number of visitors. We plan to make a number of changes to the film and then again to bring.”

As the reason for the flop are the many negative criticisms that people online have written. In addition, the film also suffers from the competition of a number of very successful movies that are running now, such as Dying to Survive and the Hidden Man, which each have hundreds of millions in the coffers brought.

Asura, based on an ancient Tibetan mythology, was the beginning of a series of fantasyfilms à la The Lord of The Rings.

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