Migrants suffocated in container in Libya

29317b4fcfb2b34610eaa53cfbda5741 - Migrants suffocated in container in Libya

TRIPOLI – at least eight migrants, including six children, are in Libya stitched in a container. A further ninety other people who are out of the box pallet are removed are in critical condition. They are transferred to a hospital, say the local authorities.

Archive view.

On photos is to see that jerry cans with petrol and life jackets were stored in the container, which was actually intended to be meat or fish to transport. The life jackets were probably for use during a voyage to Europe. Zuwara, which lies about 110 km from Tripoli, is one of the coastal villages where human traffickers are active.

The temperatures in the north west of Libya were the last days far above the 30 days degrees. The migrants were in the container were from various countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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