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“In F1 there is no ‘blank cheque’ that gives you the right to success”

fe276596068fbac9fc6a6b31ae3c4112 - "In F1 there is no 'blank cheque' that gives you the right to success"

Despite the fact that in recent years a lot of millions invested in its F1 team, Renault remains enormously far removed from a possible first victory in years. According to technical director Nick Chester is there in the Formula 1, then not a “blank check” that your success can buy.

“I don’t think there has ever been a ‘blank cheque’ is, unfortunately,” said Nick Chester, opposite the official F1 website. “You have to justify what you want to do, show what you expect to get for what you are going to invest.”

“You also need to show that you throughout the years to be credible, in my opinion, we currently are doing.”

At the end of 2015 took over Renault, the Lotus F1 team. The F1 factory, and the facilities of the team underwent since then the much-needed investments, all the worries of millions of euros in Formula 1 is not automatically that you are successful, and to the absolute top in europe.

“In the past two to three years, since Renault the team has taken, we have awful lot of money invested. That you see in the F1 plant,” said Chester.

Despite that huge investment is Renault, however, still vastly removed from her final any purpose: victories and to be world champion. With seventy points so far this season Renault than fourth in the championship, that is more than two hundred points less than championship leader Ferrari. Even compared to Red Bull, that third state, yawns a gap of almost one hundred and thirty points.

“The management of Renault is viewing together with us what is necessary, to the next big step,” said Chester. “You can but at a certain pace.”

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