Hundreds of migrants yet to land in Italy

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ROME – Hundreds of migrants are Monday still to land in Italy. The Italian authorities gave there the green light for, after other European countries had prepared displayed more than half of the approximately 450 asylum seekers to catch.

The migrants were on an overcrowded boat met that Friday in Libya had left. They were, however, not immediately to go ashore in Italy, that not only wanted to pay for the care. This was not the asylum seekers forced to wait on board of two ships until an agreement was reached about their fate.

Medical help

Italy had Saturday or consent given eight migrants on board requiring urgent medical assistance needed. A day later, were 27 women and children to land in Pozzallo. The last crew followed Monday. The authorities also claimed at least eight alleged people smugglers in police cars.

The Italian prime minister Matteo Salvini (Home Affairs) said that five EU countries have offered each fifty migrants to take over. “Italy is no longer the refugee camp of Europe”, he concluded, according to news agency ANSA. Also the office of prime minister Conte replied satisfied. “We can today for the first time to say that migrants came ashore in Europe.”

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