How is this able to happen?

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The French air force stores mea culpa after an embarrassing blunder during the parade on the national holiday in France.

On the French national holiday, the Quatorze Juillet, appeared to annual tradition, the tricolor over the heads of the enthusiastic crowd. Nine aircraft, Alphajets, formed an impressive formation, blue, white and red. Despite the tight preparation, there was, however, something wrong. One of the planes hit a red cargo, while it is actually a blue cargo had to solve. The result: a painfully incorrect French flag in the air, red-blue-white-red.

Several French newspapers are talking about ‘gekwakkel’. They ask themselves how it is possible that this could have happened. “There is an intensive research will be conducted to the flight of the Patrouille de France’, according to the offifciële twitter account of the air force. “It is a mistake that we strongly deplore and for which we apologise.’ The tweet ends with: “we wish that the blue tomorrow on the appointment,” referring to the world cup final on Sunday.

Lieutenant-colonel Maud Grolier gave up on the French channel France 2 for more explanation. ‘It’s a small error. The plane that red smoke is exhausted in place of blue smoke was a deputy. Because the aircraft was able to each aircraft to be replaced, he was loaded with the three different colours.’ It could therefore be an error for the take-off, during loading, or may have the driver the wrong button pressed.

There were exceptionally three oorlogsgewonden of the special forces on board of the Alphajet.

The mistake led to a lot of hilarity on social media. Some examples:


C’est bon, on est prêts pour la finale !!! #CoupeDuMonde2018 #patrouilledefrance #FinaleCoupeduMonde #14Juillet? ? #PAF spéciale dédicace @patrouilledefrance ??

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The incident was, incidentally, not the only Defense the fog. Also during the highlight, the parade of the motors, ran the wrong. Just below the Obelisk on the Place de la Concorde was one motard painful the mistake, right before the eyes of the presidential tribune. The special formation ended up on the ground, when one of them, a wrong turn took. Two motors ended up on the ground, already affected by the low speed fortunately, no one injured.

It was the first time that the three units of the Republican Guard on horseback, on foot and motorized together a special formation followed. That had the French ministry of Defence proudly announced on Twitter.

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