’Hands off workers!’

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The Hague – Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) has a clear message for the new year: “Hands off social workers.” He has TO his desire, raising it that everyone these days about the wrote, as stringently as possible is continued.

Minister Grapperhaus runs this week, with patrols of the police, to experience what the new year means for the professionals.

“We don’t show a second understanding for those who do,” he says about the attackers of the police, fire brigade and other emergency services.

The CDA-minister nests on additional measures for next jaarwisselingen. He runs this holiday season with the police and fire departments, partly to get ideas.


Grapperhaus examines whether he people with illegal fireworks will be seized, itself can depend on the costs of the destruction. That are sky-high and the measure can be a daunting task to work. It would be a first step may be to heavy, illegal fireworks to reduce, thinks the minister.

Grapperhaus has yet to definitively decide, but he is clearly inclined to lighten consumentenvuurwerk legal to keep. Critics say the enforcement is not to do is to make a distinction between legal and illegal fireworks, but there is the minister not convinced.

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