Gers Pardoel in a depression

c772742e20d7484eb4b32f7e340a0e5a - Gers Pardoel in a depression

This week’s Gers Pardoel guest in Plage Préférée on Radio 2. Presenter Kim Debrie made earlier this year, a long and frank walk on the beach with the now 37-year-old rapper. The year 2011 was an important year for Gers Pardoel, it was the year that he finally broke through and also his first major hit scored. Not only in the Netherlands, by the way, but also in the Netherlands, where he originally the tank came as a designer of kitchens. Previously scored Gers already had a hit with “Broodje Pakpao”, a song he collaborated with rappers Big2 and Sef made. That number stood with us at the beginning of 2010 in the charts and got even the third place. “I am taking you” spent 5 weeks on the second place in the Ultratop 50 and would be there but less than 34 weeks (about 8 months) camping. You would be less happy, but that success also had a downside, we read on Monday in The Latest News. “After the breakthrough, I am a year depressed. By my fame, everyone wanted everything from me,” says Gers. “I worked hard and slept little. I was no more good in my skin. And also my relationship has come under heavy ago”, Pardoel. “And when his Sélina and I equally from each other. But now things are going very well. I am happy, she is happy, the children are happy. We are a team, know each other through and through. I would with nobody else can be together” beams Gers Pardoel. “On the scale of happiness I give myself an eight on ten.”

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