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Fleming prefers finale over inauguration Red Devils

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Not only in the centre of Brussels, there was much interest in the ceremony of the Red Devils, also on television, the Flemish culture, the celebration of mass. The ratings may not match the figures of the world cup final.

The Red Devils were Sunday as heros in Brussels. In addition to the thousands of supporters on the Grand place in Brussels, looked average 689.668 Flemish people via the public broadcaster to the inauguration. At the peak of the live broadcast – to 15.32 hours – looked 802.662 people. A total farce of 1.214.784 Flemish people – a fifth of Flanders – at least ten minutes of the broadcast. Who curious was-and less than ten minutes to get the transmission looked at, is not in the statistics, emphasized VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem.

The inauguration was also broadcast live on tv. There looked an average of 223.000 Flemings to the broadcast – at least 5 minutes. The Brussels party reached a total of 631.052 Flemish, on the peak, at around 13.30 looked 354.165 people.

Impressive figures, but that is still far less than the final of the world cup in Russia. On average, looked namely 1.286.249 Flemings to France – Croatia, according to figures from the VRT. On the peak looked even 1.423.369 people.

Consolation class

For the consolation class between Belgium and England have Saturday 1.503.328 viewers tuned in on One. The consolation class was good for a market share of 88,6 percent, the final for a market share of 81,3 percent.

There are this time no records broken. That honor was reserved for the semi-finals of the Red Devils against France. Just not 2.5 million Flemish people voted on that contest, a kijkcijferrecord for matches of the Red Devils. The previous record was recorded during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2016, for the match against Sweden.

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