Elon Musk cancels diver Thai cave pedophile

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The mud wrestling between Vern Unsworth, a British diver who was involved in the rescue operation of the football players in the Thai cave, and Elon Musk has a venomous tail. The Tesla boss accused Unsworth Sunday, openly promotes pedophilia.

“You know what, we will make a video of our mini-submarine all the way to the right Thai cave to navigate. No problemo. Sorry pedo guy, you’ve really asked for it.’

It was a seething Elon Musk on Sunday, behind the buttons of his twitter account crept in order to prove that the mini-submarine that he specially ordered designs to the Thai football players and their coach out of the flooded cave to liberate indeed had worked as the rescue services would have used. In the tweet, which was addressed to one of the divers who participated in the rescue operation, Vern Unsworth, accuses the Tesla boss him openly of pedophilia.

‘You should not even think for a powerful man like you something to you 22 million followers posted on Twitter, denounced Twitter users. “This is still dangerous?’ Musk had initially not tackle by the consternation that his tweet caused surprise and responded that he wanted to bet a signed dollar that it is true’ and that ‘he that British expat there, just around the cave has seen hanging but never really action has seen action in the cave itself’. A few hours later, removed Musk all tweets in which he the British diver had verbally abused and accused.

‘Musk can be mini-submarine to stick it where it hurts’

It is not the first time that the billionaire out of it with doubts about his mini-submarine. When a Thai provincial governor last week, a press release sent out about the state of affairs, he reported casually that the mini-submarine “not practical” was because he may have fixed it would get stuck in shallow water or tight turns. Musk responded immediately that the Thai governor ‘not the expert in the matter’ and that ‘the real expert on the matter, however, was enthusiastic’. “The rescue workers are also very excited about our solution’, he decided.

Already it seemed that last statement is not entirely correct. A British diver and rescuer, Vern Unsworth, put out after the boys and their coach were saved not under the chairs or benches that he Musk a egotripper. “He was there just for a PR stunt’, testified Unsworth to CNN. “He thought not at all to the children, because his unit had zero chance to succeed. He can make that thing stick it where it hurts.’

Hashtag Pedo Guy

The tweet from Musk about the”pedo guy’ Unswoth pay in other words, the outstanding scheldrekening between both men.

The British diver did not respond in the American or British media. In the meantime, the hashtag pedoguy all of a few hours of trending on Twitter. In addition to the tweets that the behavior of Musk strongly disapprove, there are also some who wonder if there can be checked whether this British diver is effectively not a pedophile’.

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