Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson not to say anything

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The Rock is the argument it is a pity, because for years he was good friends with Tyrese.

After their fight last fall have Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is no longer in conversation with his Fast And Furious colleague Tyrese Gibson. That left the actor to know during a radio interview where listeners ‘ questions were allowed.

A fan wanted to know if he is still with Tyrese had spoken since their using the social media, played out in a feud. Dwayne answered that he did not need to. But he left knowing that he is the quarrel regrets. “That matter with Tyrese, that was quite disappointing because we are very long time friends”, says The Rock. “For me, it should bonje always come from both sides, and this was almost one-way street where he his opinion expressed on social media. I understand that there are private matters played with him. But no, we have not spoken and I do not know why we would do that.”

The quarrel between the two old colleagues began when Tyrese angrily reacted to the postponement of the next Fast And Furious movie. He gave Dwayne the debt, because who is working on a spin-off with Jason Statham, who now is first released. The two shared what insulting posts over and over again, after Tyrese threatened to filmfranchise to leave as Dwayne held. However, it is not clear whether The Rock actually had plans to return in the ninth movie.

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