Disappears Simmoneke from Home?

db55034de4b342b1f05a2cc467912ff4 - Disappears Simmoneke from Home?

Punishment news in The Latest News from Monday: Marleen Merckx disappears for a moment at Home. No, the actress is not tired of Simonneke to play, She just has no time to be at Home combined with one of the greatest challenges in her life. Next month will start with the rehearsals for the spectacle-musical 40-45 of Studio 100 and plays Marleen Merckx a not insignificant role. During six weeks of hard rehearsing have to be, and that has its consequences for the shots of Home. Marleen Merckx will all that time not a single shot for Home. By the way, also Peter Van de Velde will be available during this whole period, do not have time for his role as a swimming teacher Jacques to play. Or that means that Simonneke effectively disappears is the question. “As actors, other projects are less or not available, then we apply our storyline to” respond to producer Hans Rays in The Latest News. “Or that means that Simonne and Jacques really just do not show up on the screen, or just a little less, let I in the middle”, let Hans Rays recorded in the newspaper of Monday. Marleen Merckx has been playing for 23 years, the role of Simonne Backx at Home and it’s not immediately going to the caps. When Marleen, the question was whether they wanted to do to the spectacle musical, 40-45, she had not too much time to think, such an opportunity they would never get to. And so is Marleen from the beginning of October until at least the spring of 2019 to the side of Peter Van de Velde, Jelle Cleymans, Jonas Van Geel and other leaders in 40-45. As soon as the rehearsals sitting, will She be back on the set of Home.

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