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Creature: Convincing ” home

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We got a ‘thank you’ after each song, but that was really not necessary. Creature let his instruments speak for themselves, and we hung for over an hour on their lips.

It was Sunday evening a quasi ” home for the band, which is Sunday night for the fourth time in the Minnewaterpark. ‘It’s a wonderful place to play music’, and we could do them no wrong. In 2011 they played as a shut-off valve, this time, served them as big bang for the also mainly instrumental Nils Frahm. At Creature performed a piano only in “Friend of the night’ and ‘I’m Jim Morrison, I’m dead’ is the highest word, further, it was mainly guitars that have their say could do so.

Farewell to the drummer

How to darken the park, the louder the Scottish post-rock echoed. It was a somewhat emotional show, as the group said goodbye to temporary drummer Cat Myers. Later this week resumed the band, his tour in France, and probably take the regular drummer Martin Bulloch after a longer than expected sick leave again the drumheads for his account. Further, it was the bass of Dominic Aitchison pretty convincing, and so you got there the trilplaatkuur on the floor for free at.

Or you now with the eyes closed in ellipses turned or the fists in the air cast, it happened thanks to this Creature with extra conviction.

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