Celebrations in France marred by whatsoever

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In the night of 14 July, the national holiday in France, and after the world cup profit, 845 vehicles destroyed by the flames and were 508 persons were arrested. The festivities degenerate into riots and the police put tear gas in to the jeering crowd in check.

The French police in the night of Sunday to Monday at various times to intervene after incidents in the celebration of the world cup-title is hurting. Tear gas was also in Paris, Lyon and Nantes used to be the crowd to drift apart. In the capital was the water cannon used, according to the French media. Here and there there were also wounded.

In Nancy, we had two children, 3 and 6 years old, seriously injured when a motorcycle on them rammed. The driver slammed on the flight. In Marseille was with objects at the police, and thrown. Two agents were injured, and ten people were arrested, reports a politiewoordvoerder.

Eight young people, including minors, were arrested in Lyon, also after projectiles were thrown. In a kleerwinkel was a burglary.

Shopping mall looted

Similar incidents took place also in the capital. About thirty young people ransacked a shopping mall on the Champs-Élysées. According to Le Parisien broke, still in Paris, a fight between about twenty people. Somebody got it for him. Also, after midnight, was still unsettled on and around the Champs-Élysées.

In Annecy, just south of Geneva, a man came to that in a channel jump and his neck broke.

In Rouen were seven people arrested after a series of incidents. In that city were also two journalists injured.

National holiday

Last year, after the festivities of the national holiday just that little bit more cars on fire: 897 pieces. The number of arrests increased this year, from 368 to 508. According to the ministry, there is ‘no major incident to regret’. There were, however, 29 members of the police injured this year, last year 21. France put in a total of 110.000 police officers and gendarmes in for the festivities of 14 July.

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