Biography George Baker is in the pipeline

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Soon appears an unauthorized biography of one of the most successful Dutch artists, the man who 440 songs written and 20 million records sold: George Baker. The book with the name Now I know for sure, I love George Baker, written by Rutger Vahl.

George Baker

Baker (73), born as Hans Bouwens, became known with his band the George Baker Selection and also scored many top 10 hits, including the world hit Paloma Blanca (1975). The song brought him major commercial success and was 450 times covered, but many journalists had at the time to the merciless criticism on the song: “If you need to go to Una Paloma Blanca listen, I advise you to seek help”, wrote a reviewer.

With thanks to Quentin Tarantino, the director of the movie Reservoir Dogs, George Baker in 1992, a cult figure. The film opened with the first single Little Green Bag (1969) and made sure that Baker worldwide, attracting a lot of interest.

In addition to a portrait of the life of a successful artist, promises the publisher also, to paint a picture of the Netherlands in the seventies: a golden age on the one hand, but the Netherlands was also a nation where all along the yardstick of right and wrong was laid.

Now I know for sure, I love George Baker, comes out on september 11. Although the singer has not contributed to the making of the book, will he publish it not in the way, assures the publisher.

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