Woman collapses in SUV of cliff, 6 days later saved

ee33837498e8805fab656e64d62d6603 - Woman collapses in SUV of cliff, 6 days later saved

SAN FRANCISCO – An American woman who was missing for a week, was found at the foot of a cliff in California.

Six July had Angela Hernandez, a 23-year-old inhabitant of Portland, during a ride on the famous road Big Sur swerve for an animal. Therefore, she got the power over the wheel of her SUV lost and she collapsed with a car and a meter or eighty of a cliff.

Her car was half in the ocean. Seven days she kept alive with water from the radiator of her car, report local authorities. She was found by two hikers, about sixty kilometres from the town of Carmel, where she was seen on bewakingsbeelden of a gas station. The woman hurt her shoulder due to the crash. How to proceed with her is not clear.

She was on her way to her sister Isabel in Lancaster, in southern California. On 5 July she sent to 22.00 a message to her sister stating that she was tired and in a parking lot in her car and went to sleep. Many hours later, the next day at 08.00 am, they sent a message that they are still the night was headed. Then it was nothing more of her heard and began a days long search. The detective work was hampered by heavy fog. Her car was final found by hikers in the remote area.

According to the police, the woman had good luck. “Usually, this badly by the fall itself or because people in the ocean end up, but this lady had an angel on her shoulder”, according to a spokesman.

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