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“We have the world shown that we are Belgium’

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The 8,000 supporters on the Great Market in Brussels, Sunday afternoon, the Red Devils as heros by their appearance on the balcony of the Brussels town hall. The crowd exploded at the sight of the bronze medalists at the world cup in Russia.

A first highlight was the appearance of Eden Hazard and Thibault Courtois to the turntable. The bengali fire, a tribute to the Big Market again in the tricolor.

Then it was up to coach Roberto Martínez and his entire staff to the first under a huge applause on the balcony of the Brussels town hall, to appear. Martínez enjoyed visible and whipped the audience.

Afterwards it was up to the players to one-by-one as the hero is greeted by a frenzied crowd, that all the hours in the sun was waiting on the Red Devils. Captain Eden Hazard appeared as the last and set the tone immediately by ‘Where is the party? Here is that party!’.

‘When we were in Russia, we got a lot of messages that you are in our believed to be to write a history. I hope that you are proud to have made. We have the world shown that we are Belgium, ” said coach Martínez the crowd.

‘We thank you from our hearts. Every minute that we are on the field given everything, was for you, completed Vincent Kompany, the flagbearer of the Devils.


Except the 8,000 fans on the volgestroomde Large Market proved to be outside the market square again to 32,000 enthusiasts to the Red Devils. According to a tweet from the police Brussels-Capital-Ixelles.

The festival on the occasion of the beautiful trail of the Red Devils on the soccer world cup is bathed in the sun. The heat, however, has also been a toll. To date, approximately forty volunteers from the Red Cross a dozen interventions carried out, reported the organization to Belga. A person is taken to hospital.

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