Trump: I’m going for second term

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LONDON – The Us president, Donald Trump is running for the elections of 2020. That he has said in an interview with the Mail on Sunday. “It seems that everyone wants that I do.”

Donald Trump with Elizabeth II.

Trump do not expect any serious competition from the Democrats. “I see no one. I know them all and I see no one.”

In the interview with the British newspaper did Trump also revealed that he and the British queen Elizabeth about the brexit has spoken. “They said that it is a huge complex problem. No one had any idea how complex it really would have. Everyone thought, ” oh it’s simple. We will continue in it or we get out”, parafraseerde he is the British head of state.

Trump described the 92-year-old Elizabeth as a beautiful woman. “She is incredible. She is so sharp. And when I nicely say, I mean inside and out.”

The American president also had kind words about the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. “Well I can get on with him. He is very smart, has a great personality, is funny and hard.”

Trump was also the question of whether Kim Jong-un is a ruthless dictator. He replied: “Sure, he is ruthless, but that are others, too.”

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