Trump advised May to EU for the court to drag

The Us president, Donald Trump has the British prime minister Theresa May said that they the EU for the court to drag around a hard brexit to enforce, instead of to negotiate. That has May Sunday morning said in an interview with the BBC.

During the joint press conference that Trump and May Friday held, had Trump said that he May have something proposed, but that they ‘brutally’ took.

Against the British public broadcaster told May Sunday what Trump had proposed. “He told me that I the EU should continue, and should not negotiate,” replied the British prime minister.

May then said that the advice of Trump has weggelachen. At the same time, be they the BBC that Trump during the press conference also said, don’t walk away. ‘Do not walk away from negotiations, because then you’re stuck. I want us at the table, and get the best deal for Britain can negotiate.’

In the interview warned the British prime minister’s critics within her party there again for a boycott of its Brexit strategy the planned trip of the United Kingdom from the European Union on the game.

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