Thousands of Croats to get a fast passport

5a741cdfed52af24b07c23f627f673d9 - Thousands of Croats to get a fast passport

ZAGREB – In the last day before the start of the final of the world soccer have 4600 Croats from the government a passport or other valid travel document. That makes it possible for them to go to Russia to travel to the match to attend.

Ante Rebic (l), striker of the Croatian team, go to the air for a kopduel.

The mother of Ante Rebic, striker of the Croatian national team, was one of them, reported to various Croatian media in the run-up to the finals. Ten chartervliegtuigen bring on Sunday-the Croatian fans to Moscow for the contest.

Neighbouring Slovenia introduced additional wagons available on the Croatian railways to the fans to Zagreb. There are on the Jelacic square, surely the 50,000 football fans expected. The world cup final between France and Croatia Sunday to 17.00 in Moscow played.

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