The relocation of almost Family around

012fdedaa3b78bbf015876d5835ae0bf - The relocation of almost Family around

The removal of the Family to the AED Studios in Boortmeerbeek is now at full speed. That may be because the recording Units are completed. The apartment of Jan and the home of Veronique were a month ago, transferred. The scenarios were written so that these sets for a while were not necessary. The loft of Lars was in early July aborted and Ribbon rebuilt. Now the actors one month vacation, are also the other sets transferred in Ribbon are needed. That are the home of Friends, the café, the brewery, the Fashion, the home of Trudy and that of the family Pauwels. Not all sets are equally easy. At Fashion and the brewery, there are floating bars, and are a little more difficult to confirm. In the course of the late autumn, there are also three new decors are introduced.

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