Thai football team remembers fallen diver

d8e54ec93af97398637ce5106862f060 - Thai football team remembers fallen diver

Bangkok – The twelve Thai boys and their football coach, who last week were rescued after two weeks sitting in a cave, the diver in the rescue for life did their last respects confirmed. That has the Thai ministry of Health on Sunday reported.

“They cried, and wrote messages on a drawing of the commander, and held a minute of silence”, let the ministry know that photos has spread from the condolences.

The death of rescue diver, member of the Thai marines, came on 6 July to life in an action to oxygen tanks to install along the potential route of escape to places he lost his consciousness. The Navy Seal was on the way back from the cave when he became unwell and died.

The football team was Tuesday after a rescue operation of three days rescued from a cave in Northern Thailand. The boys and their coach were sitting there since June 23.

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