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So you buy any Coin / Token

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In this guide you will learn how you can buy any Coin.

1. Step:


2. Step:

There are over 1000 Coins are listed/Token. In the upper-right corner, we find the Coin/Token, we want to buy. For Example, Flash.

At the top right of the Coin is also proposed.

3. Step:

We press the Enter key.

Now we see the market capitalization, the Satoshi value, and the Chart is also available in A day/week/month view.

Top center, we see the USD$ value, including the Satoshi value, and below the market capitalization and the Chart.

4. Step:

Now we click on the Chart to “Markets”

In the bottom left of the stock exchanges to see where the Coin is traded.

Flash, as an example, is listed on Cryptopia/Coinexchange and crypto bridge. Especially for smaller Coins you should keep the volume in the eye. You should be aware that amounts larger than 0.1% of the volume on the respective stock exchange, can affect the purchase price. Should you want to, for example, for 1000€ of Flash to buy, it would very probably be the purchase price of the Flash to the top, you would want for 1000€, Flash sale, it would drive the price of Flash is very likely down.

Clicking on Pair brings you directly to the market on the relevant stock exchange.

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