New constitution of Cuba allows limited private ownership to

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The socialist island nation of Cuba will be in a new version of its constitution, is a privately-held limited recognize. Public ownership remains the preferred, writing the Cuban state media Saturday, without to elaborate on the details.

Also the role of the free market is given a place in the reformed constitution. In the first draft also stressed the importance of foreign investment for the development of Cuba.

Further warrant the grondwetshervorming freedom of religion. Discrimination on the basis of gender is prohibited. However, there is officially not yet spoken about marriage open up for lesbian, gay, bisexual. Especially the church in Cuba does not recognize a same-sex marriage.

Two times five years

The new constitution calls addition, a new political function in the life in Cuba, that of the minister-president, writes the official internet platform Cubadebate. Finally, it requires that presidents be only two terms of office of five years should be sitting.

The design is at the end of July in the parliament is proposed. The population must also first on voices for the effect.

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