‘Musk may be submarine to stick it where it hurts’

9a0ba211fb7c84e06f8b73713ffb555e - ‘Musk may be submarine to stick it where it hurts’

A British diver who was involved in the rescue operation in the flooded Thai cave is not nice for the ‘publicity stunt’ by Tesla ceo Elon Musk.

The American entrepreneur had a special submarine designed to be the vastgeraakte football team from the cave rescue, but that was merely a “publicity stunt,” says the Brit Vern Unsworth. ‘He can get his submarine to stick it where it hurts, ” she said Saturday on CNN.

The eccentric Tesla ceo Elon Musk wanted to do something to the Thai children who, together with their football coach in a flooded cave were vastgeraakt to help. He developed a kind of mini-onderwatercapsule, and sent to Thailand, but the unit was ultimately not used: the children were all able to walk with the help of divers to be saved.


A British diver on the rescue operation took part, was Saturday during an interview on the American news channel CNN to be very critical for the entrepreneur. Asked about the submarine of Musk sounded: ‘that he can stick it where it hurts’.

According to Vern Unsworth had a rescue mission with Musks device ‘absolutely zero chance to succeed’. “He knew totally how the cave looked like. The u-boat was 5 ft 6 (about 1,68 m, red.) long and rigid, that would never pass the corners or around the obstacles are hit. He would never even pass the first 50 feet touched, it was just a publicity stunt.’

The Brit was part of the international duikersteam that the twelve are Thai teenagers and their football coach last week, could save. The ‘Wild Boar’ were already since 23 June. Musk traveled with his submarine to Thailand, but received according to Unsworth quickly the advice to leave, ‘as it should’.


The children and their coach recovering in a hospital in Chiang Rai still of their perilous adventure. Most likely they may be in the course of next week all home.

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