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Goldfrapp: The gold leaf was quickly middle

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“I” m in love with a strict machine, ” sang Alison Goldfrapp in the same valve. That machine was alternately a onironische keytar and a solid synthesizer which her band of dark, danceable electropop could muster.

Next year celebrates the British duo his twentieth birthday, and Goldfrapp would be the stepmother of Robyn and Florence Welsch. That last we say, especially by the copper hair that they are these days aanmeet. It contrasted nicely with the black dress code that her band was imposed.

Pumping Electronica

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode was not heard during ‘Ocean’, the song that they made. Present were the deep passes and thumping electronics that they of the synthpop pioneers borrowed. On the last year released Silver eye , the duo of experimental producer The Haxan Cloak in, but live fell there would be little to note. Goldfrapp worked on our hips, and that was in this case not a bad thing.

Quickly, the backdrop in

A little earlier than planned popped up the band again backstage. The dance moves were by then already displayed (the “Systemagic”), the voltage built up (‘Everything is never enough’). Mission certainly succeeded, all was found the gold leaf just a little too quickly to browse for more than an hour all of the attention.

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