Girls K3 fall for Red Devils

06e71b1ca11e575bffa8fb5c790b5da3 - Girls K3 fall for Red Devils

Q3 was Saturday on Radio 2 as a guest in the program FC Niels & Wiels, the world cup-programme of Niels Destadsbader and Miguel Wiels. Have the K3 sheets of paper than with football? To know for sure, especially Marthe turns out to be a big fan of the Red Devils. “I am very hard under the spell of the Red Devils, that I am even a number of years. Always when the Red Devils play, I try still to the King baudouin stadium or the match on tv,” laughs Marthe. And also Hanne has what with the Red Devils but in a slightly different way. “Marthe is really the football fan. I am along with the craziness, but actually, I know nothing of football,” said Hanne. “I look like because that is also clean men are,” says Hanne for the ‘poepke’ of Eden Hazard. And there is Klaasje than as Dutch, but they also supporterde the past few weeks for the Red Devils in the absence of Orange. “I am also very much in Belgium. I’m also in a Belgian football shirt to cheer.”

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