G7: Russia must be a clarification on MH17

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OTTAWA – The Foreign Affairs ministers of the G7 countries, Russia called for clarification to provide about the crash of the passenger plane MH17. The Boeing was on its way from amsterdam to Malaysia in July 2014 by a luchtdoelraket in Eastern Ukraine brought down. All 298 passengers were killed. Among them were 196 Dutch citizens.

The evidence to international investigators that the plane of Malaysian Airlines with buk missile of the Russian army was shot down is “persuasive, significant and deeply worrying”. Moscow calls the research is unbelievable and gives Ukraine the debt.

’Immediately, in consultation with the Netherlands’

Russia should, according to the G7 immediately in consultation with the Netherlands and Australia, and clarification about potential violations of international law, said the ministers in a joint statement. The netherlands is leading the investigation into the accident because the vast majority of the victims of the disaster, the Dutch were. 38 victims were Australians.

At the end of may called of NATO secretary-general Jens) Russia on the responsibility for the crash. Tuesday is the four years ago that the aircraft was shot down.

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