Friends surprise Kim Kötter with bachelor party

9605dedf9a68059afc29a6b9c729ff5b - Friends surprise Kim Kötter with bachelor party

Kim Kötter is this weekend by her friends brought for her bachelorette party. Among others, Kirsten Painter, the wife of Nick, is in the conspiracy, as evidenced by photos on Instagram Stories.

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The friends of Kim have a full program planned out for her. The party began with a ride on a horse on the beach. Then followed a tour on Vespas by Noordwijk, there was a lunch break and in the meantime enjoy the ladies a drink on the beach.

Her friend joe was at the end of december during a holiday in Austria on his knees. The couple has two sons together, Muck and Youp. When exactly they are going to get married, is not known.

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