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French coach takes world title earned

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France has Sunday in Russia for the second time in its football history to world champion crowned. In the final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow put ‘les Bleus’ Croatia 4-2 over the knee. “We have this world title is truly earned,” said the French coach Didier Deschamps.

“This is such a wonderful feeling. We played not our best game, but our mental qualities shown. And we scored four times, were the first words of Deschamps after the final whistle. “We are deserved world champions. We come from very far and the road towards it was not always easy. But with hard work, we are touched. The players stand for the next four years at the top of the world. This is their moment. This is a young generation, some are less than 19 years’, referred Deschamps to Kylian Mbappé, who, after the Brazilian Pele is the youngest player ever who scored in a world cup final.

The French coach lost two years ago to the European title in the final in Paris, losing against Portugal. “When we were really in sackcloth and ashes. That did so much pain, but has also done well. We have learned to with the press of a finale to go, ” says Deschamps. “The past 55 days we have worked so hard. This is the ultimate coronation. We love France. We are proud Frenchman.”

‘Difficult match’

“I truly look forward to the world Cup in France to see it,” responded Antoine Griezmann after the final.

“I am so happy. I don’t know where I am now, ” was the first reaction of Griezmann, who to man of the match was elected. “It was a tough race. Croatia also played very good. We started himself quite gently to the finals, but we grew into the game and knew in the conversion to make the difference. We now look forward to the cup in France. And then I want it to go to sleep.’

Griezmann scored for ‘les Bleus’ from the penalty spot in the 2-1 by the Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subasic the wrong way to send. “I thought there for a moment to take a panenka to do like Zidane (in the final of the world cup in 2006, red.), but eventually he kicked me on the inside of my foot.’

The French president Emmanuel Macron responded in a tweet.

‘Raised head’

Luka Modric will not be too long to grieve after the lost final against France at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. ‘We can do this world cup with his head raised to leave”, said the Croat, who is the prize of best player of the tournament awards.

“We were a big part of the match the better team’, took the 32-year-old midfielder of Real Madrid. “They were only happy to the goals. So they should celebrate. But we can, with lifted head to the house.’

Modric was voted player of the tournament. The Croat kept Eden Hazard behind him, which finished second. “I’m proud of that price’, he responded. ‘But the great support of our fans makes me much happier. Despite the defeat, we know that something beautiful is performed. But it is painful, if you fail while you so close.”

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